Emergency Response Services Emergency Response Services

ESC Lab Sciences, a nationally certified environmental analytical testing and support company, announces enhancements to our Emergency Response Program to better serve the industry. Beginning with our dedicated Emergency Response hotline at 1-877-ESC-LABS through our industry leading capacity for rush analytical support, ESC Lab Sciences is your single resource for emergency response management and testing. ESC maintains all fixed-base analytical testing in a single location which allows for stringent quality oversight, more efficient and available staff management, and one of the largest environmental testing capacities in the United States. From small contained spills to significant incidents, ESC can provide support for initial response, sample and material management, data use evaluation, and specialty analytical services.

Expanded Services For Emergency Response Incidents

For Emergency Response Activities, ESC offers:
  • Immediate technical support for planning and logistics – call 1-877-ESC-LABS (1-877-372-5227) to be connected to environmental professionals technically trained in emergency response situations.
  • Capability within 24 hours of contact to set up a Sample Management Office (SMO) on site to manage and control documentation of all materials collected and the disbursement of all samples for testing.  This offers the assurance that should litigation occur, all samples collected on site are properly documented and controlled for custody and reference purposes.  A connection to the ESC LIMS will be established to document these collections in the ESC LIMS system, including any material sent to other laboratories.
  • Technical and analytical support via on-site personnel to assist in meetings and decisions made in real-time on site pertaining to analyses required, proper sampling and collection, and help with understanding and interpreting laboratory data. Where on-site personnel is unwarranted due to the level of response required, a dedicated technical contact is established at the laboratory to monitor activity and provide a constant resource to field or environmental management personnel
  • Field and Data Management support where appropriate through our partners in the industry.  ESC maintains relationships with Consulting, Engineering, and Quality Management firms throughout the United States to provide rapid response anywhere in the country.
  • On site preparedness through the establishment of emergency supply storage sites where available to hold emergency sampling kits for primary analytical requirements. This allows for immediate collection of material in the event of an incident to document the initial stages of the action.
  • On-site analysis for real time data where warranted.  Instrumentation, staffing requirements, and technical expertise are determined on an incident specific basis.

Whether your firm requires on-site analysis and sample management or just assistance in establishing emergency sample kits and response protocols, ESC’s Emergency Response Program can be tailored to provide immediate support in the event of an environmental incident.